About Stage CMS

Stage CMS was created in order to make managing band websites as easy as possible.

Stage is a Content Management System made especially with band websites in mind. Our goal is to remove the pain from managing your band website and making it an easier task. We are aware of all the work a band requires and want to make it easier for you to market your music through the internet.

Stage takes care of all the technical aspects, so you can focus on what’s most important: your music and your band.

Meet the Team

These are the people behind Stage CMS:

Benedikt Deicke (Founder)

Benedikt is the founder of Stage and the core of the company. He’s a software engineer with a love for music and has been working on band websites since 2004.

Rebecca Brayman (Design Partner)

Rebecca is a key partner when it comes to creating beautiful band websites. Until now, she has designed for our clients and renowned symphonic-metallers, Epica and Nightwish.

Christoph Engelhardt (Advisor)

Christoph is a fellow bootstrapper, helping a lot by offering expert advice on all business-related topics. He also runs a German podcast about startups and freelance life, together with Stage-founder Benedikt.

Stage’s History

It all started a long time ago…

As a child, Benedikt (the founder of Stage) loved to bang on pots and pans with wooden spoons. Ultimately, his parents decided that it would probably be best to enroll him in drum lessons. After a few years, he switched to the keyboard, but at some point, he got a computer and his musical career went downhill.

Today, he’s an experienced software engineer. But one thing never changed: his love for music. Back in 2004, he started working with local bands and festivals, building websites and software tools for them. Around the same time, he also started working on the website of Nightwish, a very popular metal band from Finland. Over the years, he learned a lot about the requirements the bands have, as well as the technical challenges one faces when hosting the website of popular artists.

In 2015, he decided to boil down the experience he gained over the years into a single product: Stage CMS.

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