Web Integrations for your Band Websites

… because not all your great content is on your website!

Your online presence is only complete with your socials - and a shop for selling your music, merch and tickets.

Make your band website a place, where visitors can find everything about your art and your career. Incorporate your official social media profiles to keep in touch with your supporters. Lead your fans to your own shop, so they can purchase your material without leaving your website. Sell your music without selling your soul!

Shopify Integration

We integrate with Shopify to display your products directly on your website.

Instagram Integration

Display your latest Instagram photos directly on your website.

Twitter Integration

Show your latest tweets on your website

External Content

Stage allows embedding of content of several other services (such as YouTube and Spotify), so you can show videos or playlists directly on your website.

Learn how to build your band's website

This course will teach you how to create an amazing website for your band and how to use it effectively to promote your music.