The sky is the limit to your imagination

Let’s design the website of your dreams with Stage.

The design of your band website doesn’t have to adapt to a grid system or predefined theme - think outside of the box!

Our talented team of designers can make the website of your dreams come true - with modern functionality and usability. Together, we can make your website look and feel just like your music. Take a look at our happy customers’ websites and start imagining how to style your own band website.

Custom Branding

Why let the gorgeous design of your album cover stop there, our designers can make your website look just like your most recent release or help you expand your band’s logo and branding to the whole site - your fans will feel immersed in your music’s universe.

Unique Design

Since we don’t work with ready-made design themes, your website will be one of a kind! You and your art are unique and so should be your website. Team up with our design talents to elaborate a unique work of website art.

The Design is up to you, but Stage will help you all the way.

Don’t worry about starting your band website from scratch - Stage delivers predefined page structures and generates navigation menus automatically, in order to give you a place to start. This way you can begin creating your website hassle-free, without dealing with technicalities and code.

Automatically generated navigation

When this feature is enabled, the pages you add to your website will automatically be added to its navigation. This will help you have a well-structured website, where your fans can find all the information they need.

Recommended page structure

In order for you to easily enter the data you need to have online, we have developed predefined page structures. Create a page with your band’s bio, another one for your discography and edit these pages’ content - child’s play!

Learn how to build your band's website

This course will teach you how to create an amazing website for your band and how to use it effectively to promote your music.